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The grill
The HADES grill is particularly robust. Very easy to rotate, the Hades grill will allow you to stir your food around without burning yourself.
>>See the grill plans
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The plancha

The HADES plancha is a smooth steel cooking hob which allows to sear and caramelize the food while retaining their flavors. The high temperature of the HADES plancha enables to keeps the juices and the flavors of the food and ensures even cooking. In addition, the method of cooking prevents the productions of toxic benzopyrene due to incomplete combustion of animal fat which have fell into the flames as it often occurs while cooking on a classic barbecue.

The HADES plancha will allow you to cook your food without the risk of burning it. It is particularly recommended for cooking shellfish, fish, beef, chicken, eggs and many vegetables.
>> See the plancha plans

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Le wok
The wok is a basic utensil of Asian cuisine. The HADES wok looks like a steel half-sphere with two grips. Cooking is helped by its spherical shape that requires very little fat. The HADES wok is used to fry or to “sauter” food as in a pan but faster. With the HADES wok, you can also cook your vegetables as well as sauced dishes (ratatouille, prawns in cream sauce,…) without the risk of burning them.
>> Voir le plan du wok
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The protection door
The HADES door will protect you from spitting sparks of charcoals or fat when you want to use the hades as a wooden stove on your terrace. It will also prevent younger children from getting to close to the fire.
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The rotisserie
The HADES electric rotisserie allows you to roast your meat by indirect heat. It consists of a pin, and electric rotisserie and a pan to collect the fat and juices. Most convivial during a dinner with family or friends, the Hades rotisserie allows to cook a suckling pig, two chickens or a nice piece of beef.
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The set of skewers
The skewers are made of a wooden handle and a stainless steel rod on which you can facten pieces of meat, fish or seafood kebabs. Composing your skewers yourself, you can cook various types of meat or fish together.
With creativity you can also indulge in sweet skewers such as fruit kebabs for dessert. Children will enjoy marshmallow skewers.
The set of skewers consists of 5,6 or 7 picks depending on the size of your
HADES fireplace.
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The pizza oven
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