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Warmth and conviviality.

As soon as Man could master fire, his life revolved around it. The open fireplace enables to fully enjoy all of what a wooden fire has to offer: The sound, the smells, the game of shadows and lights generated by the flames. For years, fire had an important place in kitchens before it got locked in stoves and got replaced by gas or electricity. Outside, charcoal, and then gas also replaced cooking on a wooden fire, removing at the same time the pleasure of gathering around a fire while contemplating your garden or the stars, or to share an enjoyable gastronomic momentS with your family or amongst friends. HADES puts the flame back at the heart of your family life.
A match, some wood and a few minutes later, the
HADES fire heats, cooks, grills, roasts pieces of meat, fish or vegetables. Very soon, the coals turn red while your guests arrive at last, impatient to discover where these delicious smells come from. On the table, the vegetables and grilled pieces of meat lie next to bottles from the most prestigious French “chateaux” and announce a friendly and gastronomic evening…
Traditional grills, cooking “a la plancha”, wok, electrical rotisserie,… The
HADES fire opens to all culinary delights. Real outside kitchen with its numerous accessories, HADES represents what is best in the field. After the meal, your guests will simply enjoy the warmth and the game of shadows and light generated by the flames while discussing the different varieties of the lovely wineS that you have just served.